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Year End Checklist

Have you completed the 2022 bank reconciliations thus far? Including credit cards, loans, checking, and saving account statements?

Have you reviewed your customers' and employee's information and double checked that it all is up to date?

Have you added the assets/liabilities payments and changes to the balance sheet?

Are all tax liabilities paid to date? State and Federal?

Any outstanding tax notices from local governments needing to be replied to?

Have you done the proper cash flow projections for December, so you know how much you're rolling into the new year?

Have you budgeted for the upcoming business tax filings/expenditures for 2022?

Is there any oustanding1099 contractor information needing to be updated?

Do you have a W-9 form for all contractors being issued a 1099?

Do you have a W-4 & I-9 for all employees working for the company?

Any 2022 budget items over/under needing adjustment for 2023?

Are all marketing strategies on schedule? Website up to date? Promotions to roll out?

Have you drafted the business/personal goals to accomplish in 2023?

Of course, this isn't all that needs to be done with closing out the tax year, depending on your specific business trade, there may be allot more to do. Either way getting a proactive start on compiling tax information, projecting next year's budget etc. will always save you time and money moving forward. Thank you for reading! Here's to your success friends!

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